Silky Genki Temagari Handsåg – 500-3-5 extra large tooth

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Silky Genki Temagari Handsåg – 500-3-5 extra large tooth
2671 kr Inkl. Moms
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Silky – an actual chainsaw without a motor!
This saw will make your head spin. Once it cuts in, you will be surprised how fast it can go. Cuts faster than any other handsaw!

A brand new series of hand saws for softwood with a 50 cm blade. Large progressive teeth (3-5 teeth per 30 mm) place the saw among the most aggressive and fastest cutting tools in our offer.

Large, professional, robust saw with an ultra-strong blade. The saw blade is made of high-carbon of the highest quality and is conically grounded towards its back. This reduces resistance and the cut is easier, quicker and smoother. The teeth are not offset, they are refined and can be sharpened again. The misaligned black handle provides a proper grip to achieve maximum power when sawing. This saw is ideal for hard sawing tasks or for sawing big branches and trunks. Superbly designed rubber grip perfectly absorbs vibration. Precision-ground blade provides a fast, clean and very smooth cut. Chromed blade resists corrosion, resin and is easy to clean.

Despite its large teeth, the saw cuts into the wood very easily and does not tend to ’jump’ at the start of the cut. What’s more, the Genki-handle consists of two rubber parts, which can be easily disassembled without having to use any tools.

Blade length 500 mm, 3-5 teeth per 30 mm.
Weight 510 g separately, 700 g with a sheath.  
Supplied in a plastic sheath.

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Vikt 0,788 kg
Dimensioner 760 × 160 × 20 cm