Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue D4 – 8,12 l PROjug

1640 kr Inkl. Moms

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Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue D4 – 8,12 l PROjug
1640 kr Inkl. Moms
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• Extremely waterproof glue of superior strength.
• Designed for exterior & interior applications.
• D4 water-resistance.
• Superior strength, strong initial tack.
• Prolonged fixation time.
• Application in low temperatues possible.
• Easy to sand and varnish.
• Universal – glues wood, fiberboard, highpressure – laminates and particle boards.
• Easy clean up using water.

Titebond III is an extremely water-resistant glue for interior and exterior use, won the 1st place in the testing of the Fine Woodworking 2007 American magazine. It was suggested as a special wood glue which can replace the use of polyurethane adhesives, which are undoubtedly more flexible, but also difficult to remove from the tool and especially of your hands. Titebond III creates an extremely strong bond on timber, has a longer open time and greater viscosity than conventional dispersion adhesives. Retains strength even at lower temperatures. It is characterized by very high strength. Cleaned with water and easy to sand (doesn’t get weaker when grinding), is resistant to solvents, heat and mildew.

• Type:Advanced Proprietry Polymer
• Use: Interior & Exterior
• Open time: max. 10 mins
• Total assembly time: 20-25 mins
• Setting time: 24 hours approximately
• Operating and storage temperature: 5° – 30° C
• Bond strength: DIN EN 204 / D4

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Vikt 9,5 kg
Dimensioner 240 × 230 × 320 cm