LAGUNA PFlux 3 mod.2022 Cyclone Spånsug 400V

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LAGUNA PFlux 3 mod.2022 Cyclone Spånsug 400V
60000 kr Inkl. Moms
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Most Efficient Collector in the IGM Laguna Flux Range.

• Separate motor for automatic HEPA filter cleaning
• Efficient cyclone technology with two-stage filtration.
• HEPA Filter with filtration of 99,2 % over 0,4 microns.
• Sound dampening wings protecting the filter for high comfort.
• Dust container with an optical full capacity indicator.
• 40% larger dust drum with vacuum fixation of the waste bag.
• LED and audible indication of filter clogging.
• LED and audible indication of drum container full capacity.
• LED lighting in the waste container for visual check of filling.
• Castor wheels on the extractor as well as the dust bin.
• Innovated remote control

The new version of the PFlux3v2 cyclone extractor is the most powerful extractor in the IGM Laguna Flux range, guaranteeing unrivalled extraction performance, high comfort and maximum extraction efficiency. The high-efficiency HEPA filter of this extraction is equipped with a separate motor for automatic filter cleaning that starts every 10 seconds, ensuring maximum comfort and always high performance without loss.
Cleaning can also be started manually by pressing a button on the machine’s control panel. Wings protecting the filter are fitted with sound dampening foam that effectively reduces noise.

What is a HEPA filter and how it works
The HEPA is a highly efficient particle filter with a 99,2 % filtration @ 0,4 microns. Regular filters are usually able to filter only 1-2 microns.

The filter is made from fibreglass and is folded multiple times to improve filtration. The securely affixed microfilter does not stand in the way of fluent airflow which enhances the performance of the filtration system. If the filter were only one layer, the efficiency would be zero. The folded design allows it to contain the smallest dust particles and thus filter the air in your woodshop.

PFlux 3 is fitted with a clogging indicator signalled by an LED light of the control panel. You can create a vacuum in the HEPA by connecting the main container with the microfiltration cap using a hose, this technique cleans the insides of the machine. Make your maintenance more efficient blowing out the filter from the outside during cleaning.

Clever waste drum design
Emptying the waste drum has never been easier. Clever lifting mechanism lifts up the bin with one pull on the lever. Lifting the handle sets down the container. Pushing the lever effectively lifts the drum and seals it against the drum lid. This lifts the container to the extractor and the whole machine is easy to move around the woodshop or used with a floor gulper. The container with a waste drum is fitted with castor wheels for easy movement.

Cyclone system
Two-step cyclone filtration system offers far better performance than one step extractors. Larger waste is separated into the waste compartment before it reaches the second phase of filtration. This system secures constant suction and great performance of the unit.

Comes partially disassembled in a cardboard box. Assembly time is approximately 4-5 hours.

• Type: PFlux3v2
• Rating: Professional
• Power Output (400V): 2200 W

• Airflow: 3831 m3/hod.
• Noise Level: 76 dB
• Assembly Time: 4-5 hours

• Drum Collection Capacity: 174 l
• Drum Collection Bag Size: 1194 mm x 960 mm
• Max. Pressure: 2800 Pa

• Filtration Efficiency: 99.2 % over 0,4 microns
• Inlet Diameters: 1x 200 mm or 3 x 100 mm
• Length x Width x Height: 1168 mm x 686 mm x 2286 mm
• Weight: 175 kg
• Package Dimensions: 800 mm x 1300 mm x 1300 mm
• Shipping Weight: 200 kg

Supplied with:
• Remote Control
• 1x Drum Collection Bag
• HEPA Filter

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Vikt 200 kg
Dimensioner 1300 × 800 × 1300 cm