IGM Jigg för låskistor Dörrar

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IGM Jigg för låskistor Dörrar
3167 kr Inkl. Moms
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• Accurate and quick drilling of mortises
• For classic, wooden and aluminum doors
• Quick-stops for simple adjustment of length and depth
• Optional accessories include a set for drilling holes for cabels
• 3 carbide cutters (16, 20 and 22 mm) for a very clean cut included

This higly precise mortising jig is designed to quickly and accurately produce holes (mortises) for door locks on classic wooden or aluminum doors using a drill. The cut is smooth, clean and quickly executed. First, you quickly and easily adjust the jig according to the door’s thickness, center it, set up stops for depth of the cutter and by moving up and down, rout out a mortise. A carbide cutter is ideal for wooden doors, we also offer an HSS cutter for aluminum doors. Depth of the mortice is max.100 mm.

The only thing you will need is a drill with speed ranging from 2000 – 3000 rpm, with a 13 mm bore size.

The set includes a morticing bit, carbide cutters 16, 20 and 22 mm and instructions. 

Other cutter dieameters for wooden or aluminum doors, adapters and a drill bitt for long cabels for electrical locks can be purchased as optional accessories.

Optional Accessories:
137-DBB-LDA IGM Long drill adapter for installation of electric locks
137-10950 IGM Long drill bit for wood – D 10 x 950 mm
137-CWB16 HW Cutter for wooden doors – D16
137-CWB18 HW Cutter for wooden doors – D18
137-CWB20 HW Cutter for wooden doors – D20
137-CWB22 HW Cutter for wooden doors – D22
Custom made cutters for aluminum doors

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