IGM Connector förlängning, 8 st

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IGM Connector förlängning, 8 st
190 kr Inkl. Moms
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This Set is designed to extend the possibilities of a Straight Guide Clamps. Place the two clamps over each other and secure them with 4 connectors. Attach the lower jaws of the connected clamps to the tabletop. Clamp the material using the upper clamping system of the guide clamp. The worked surface is easily accessible for surfacing and routing using a router or a sander thanks to the low profile of the clamps. The two guide clamps can be put apart at any time and used separately. Two pairs of Straight Guide Clamps can be connected using 8 connectors.

• Package dimensions (LxWxH): 17×13,5×3 cm
• Weight: 0,104 kg

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Vikt 0,104 kg
Dimensioner 170 × 135 × 30 cm