Titebond Original Wood Glue D2 – 118ml

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Titebond Original Wood Glue D2 – 118ml
47 kr Inkl. Moms
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• High strength dispersion glue.
• Interior use only.
• Short fixation time.
• Strong initial tack – shortens gluing time.
• Bonds stronger than wood.
• Resistant to most solvents.
• Excellent sandability and may be painted over.
• Universal – glues wood, fiberboards, HPL and chipboard.
• Easy clean up with water.

Titebond Original is the best dispersion glue, that you can use on high strength bonding of wood, laminates, DTD boards, leather, fabric and porous materials. Our best glue we have used with biscuit joints, tongue and groove providing strong initial tack with fast setting time to help minimise clamping time. It is popular with carpenters. It’s easy to clean up with a damp rag. Excellent sandability when dry. It’s non-toxic, without solvents and is dilutable by water up to 5%. Softens when heated.

• Type: Aliphatic Resin
• Use: Interior
• Open time: max. 5 mins
• Total assembly time: 10-15 mins
• Setting time: 24 hours approximately
• Operating and storage temperature: 10° – 30° C
• Bond strength: DIN EN 204 / D2

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