Titebond Quick & Thick – 473 ml, Plastic Bottle

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Titebond Quick & Thick – 473 ml, Plastic Bottle
168 kr Inkl. Moms
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• 3X Thicker than traditional PVA glues
• Dries clear.
• Dries 2x faster.
• Ideal for home and craft uses.
• Fills cracks and gaps.
• Resists most solvents.
• Paintable glue offering excellent sandability.
• Universal – suitable for wood, fiberboard, high-pressure laminates and chipboard.
• Easy clean-up with water, non-toxic and non-flammable

The fastest setting, maximum strength dispersion glue stands out over other adhesives. Ideal for decorative mouldings in interiors where a quick bond with no drip is required. The glue provides a strong initial tack and fast speed of set, yet allows realignment of working pieces. Excellent for porous and semi-porous materials. The glue is not suitable for exterior use and construction joints. Be careful, do not expose the glue to freezing temperatures, the properties and functionality could be affected. Keep out of children’s reach.

Use on: wood, fibre board, MDF, plywood, HPL and chipboard, fabric and leather.

Type: Dispersion glue PVA
Use: Interior
Open Time: max. 3-5 minutes
Total assembly time: 10-15 minutes
Setting time: 24 hours
Operating and storage temperature: 10° – 30°C
Bond strength: DIN EN 204 / D2

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Dimensioner 60 × 60 × 230 cm