JET DC-1100AT Spånsug – 400V

10995 kr Inkl. Moms

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JET DC-1100AT Spånsug – 400V
10995 kr Inkl. Moms
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• Particle separation technology with efficiency up to 98% .
• T-splitter included.

Rugged and high-quality dust collector designed for extraction from up to two machines. It comes with a powerful motor and a specially designed air fan providing high performance and a quiet run without any vibrations. The dust collector comes equipped with a highly efficient steel fan and a unique ”Vortex” technology, which prevents premature filter clogging while maintaining the collector’s high performance. Quick to install. Fitted with castor-wheels for easy manipulation around the workshop. Five collection bags and a 30 microne filter bag included. Hose not included.

Unique Vortex technology for high suction power:
The Vortex technology eliminates filter clogging and possible health issues when cleaning up manually. Eliminates sudden performance lapses because of blockage and significantly improves performance. Secures quick dust drop into the collection bag, all this without clogging the filter. 

Type: DC-1100A  
Rating: Professional
Power Input / Output (400 V): 1,9 / 1,1 kW
Air Flow, hose 150 mm: 1620 m3/h
Air Flow, hose 100 mm: 1150 m3/h
Bag Capacity: 200 l
Max. Pressure: 1700 Pa
Hose Diameter: 150 mm (2x 100 mm)
Particle Size: 30 microns
Overall Length x Width x Height: 940 x 510 x 2000 mm
Weight: 55 kg

Supplied with:
• Filtration bag 30 micrones
• Extraction outlet 2×100 mm
• 5 Collection bags
• Castor wheels 4pcs

Ytterligare information

Vikt 55 kg
Dimensioner 450 × 570 × 950 cm