IGM Snickarvinkel 300 x 200 mm

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IGM Snickarvinkel 300 x 200 mm
1120 kr Inkl. Moms
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• Precise aluminum alloy Square 300 x 200 mm.
• Laser marked scales with 1 mm increments on both sides.
• Measure both outer and inner edge.
• Handle fitted with cheeks for better grip and stability.

Precision IGM Woodworking Square is made of aluminum alloy. Easy to read scales with 1 mm increments are laser marked on both sides. The Square has a vertical 300 mm scale for measuring outer edge and vertical 260 mm scale for measuring inner edge. The handle is fitted with cheeks that form an overhang with a horizontal 155 mm scale. The Square stays firmly in place hands-free thanks to the cheeks. A conveniently placed notch between the vertical and horizontal inner scale allows you to mark even the shortest lengths.

• Material: Aluminum Alloy durable and resistant to corrosion.

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Vikt 0,822 kg
Dimensioner 300 × 200 × 25 cm