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IGM Hyvelbänk Skruvstäd Skruv kortsida
519 kr Inkl. Moms
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Workbench tail vice hardware for tail viceis traditionally mounted on the right part of the workbench. The recessed vice uses the table top as an inner jaw, and the spindle presses the workpiece firmly against it with the movable wooden part of the vice. The tail vise can also be used for clamping long workpieces on the workbench by two bench dogs, one is fixed on workbench and other is movable in the sliding part of the tail vice.

Technical parameters:
• Length x Width x Depth of package: 440 x 90 x 75 mm
• Screw-thread: diameter 27.5 mm, thread pitch 5.3 mm
• Clamping screws: 4pcs M6
• Vice handle hole diameter: 30 mm (handle not included)
• Usable length: 290 mm
• Screw-thread length: 330 mm

Ytterligare information

Vikt 2,8 kg
Dimensioner 440 × 95 × 77 cm