IGM Parallel Skruvtving – 600 x 80mm

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IGM Parallel Skruvtving – 600 x 80mm
439 kr Inkl. Moms
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• 80 mm cast iron arms.
• Jaw faces remain parallel under pressure.
• Extra large clamping surface.
• Glue resistant jaw covers.
• The clamp can also work as a spreader.
• Max pressure of 180 kg.

The IGM Clamps are extremely versatile. Their light weight makes them handy for smaller or medium-sized projects or even out in the field. The clamps offer enough force to hold down your work while glue cures. The extensive clamping surface distributes pressure evenly. Polyamide covers protect the jaws from running glue. The jaws remain parallel across the full width of the clamping area.  The heads are reversible so the clamp can also act as a spreader. These are excellent, convenient cramps for light to medium duty applications. With maximum clamping pressure of 180 kg.

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Vikt 1 kg
Dimensioner 3,2 × 73,7 × 11,15 cm