IGM Rörtving, pipeclamp

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IGM Rörtving, pipeclamp
266 kr Inkl. Moms
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• Cast iron jaws with high clamping force.
• Extra high base provides more space for simple control.
• Better stability thanks to 2 legs.
• High quality spindle with solid handle.

Pipe Clamps offer great flexibility. They can be used on a variety of pipe lengths. Usually used for gluing joints, frames, etc. One head set and various pipe lengths give you lots of possibilities. Clamps have 2 pre-drilled holes for clamping the supporting material. The holes serve as a protection against crushing of the clamped parts.

The clamp consists of 2 jaws. A standard steel pipe is screwed into the fixed jaw with the same G3/4” thread and a sliding arm. The second self-locking jaw is set to a suitable distance. Then use the handle to clamp the glued parts.

Plumbing steel pipe with an outer diameter of 26,9 and thread G3/4” BSP (nominal DN 20 mm) is not included in the delivery. It is available from any steel or plumbing merchants.


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Vikt 1,066 kg
Dimensioner 180 × 110 × 60 cm