LAGUNA Fusion 1 Bordssåg

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LAGUNA Fusion 1 Bordssåg
21795 kr Inkl. Moms
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• Polished cast iron table.
• Robust cast iron motor suspension.
• Can be used with CMT Grooving Saw Blade Set DADO.
• Two T-slots on both sides of the saw blade.
• Smooth and easy tilt and cut height control.
• Lever for quick blade swap.
• Positionable central switch.
• Quick clamping of the riving wedge.
• Rear additional table included.
• Sufficient power for longitudinal and transverse cuts up to 79 mm in height.
• Handy tool storage for tools and rulers always at hand.

The Laguna Fusion 1 impresses with its large work table, which is mostly made of cast iron and the side extensions of the table are made of thick-walled steel sheet with a high-quality, abrasion-resistant finish.

Despite the lower power on paper, this saw can also handle longitudinal and transverse cuts of hardwood up to 79 mm thick. 
Thanks to the low power consumption and the standard 230V connection, a standard household power supply with a 13A circuit breaker is sufficient to connect this saw.

A DADO Grooving Saw Blade Set with a clamping hole of 15.87 mm (5/8″) can be used with the Table saw.

In the main cast iron part of the table you can use two T-slots on both sides of the saw blade to use the angle ruler. The Fusion 1 comes with an additional 500mm rear table extension, which you will appreciate during cutting longer parts. The saw includes a solid longitudinal ruler with a soft plastic handle. The ruler can be easily moved and locked in selected position. Thanks to the magnifying glass on the longitudinal ruler, the scale on the aluminium guide profile is always easy to read and allows you to work with perfect precision. The aluminium profile of the longitudinal ruler can be flipped 90 degrees for easier cutting of thin parts.

The Fusion 1 is an excellent solution for those looking for a small, compact, and at the same time  accurate and high quality table saw to get started. Perfect for the home hobby user, model maker or beekeeper. With this saw, we are sure it will give you a perfect cut for many years.

The metal control wheels with anti-swivel lock ensure easy and precise saw blade tilting from 0° to 45° and saw blade lifting up and down according to your needs. The saw has an ingenious dust extraction from the bottom and from the upper extraction cover from the saw blade. The dust extraction located in the saw blade cover, provides a clean working surface for accurate and comfortable cutting. Comes fitted with a 100 mm dust extraction outlet.

The saw features smart design. E.g. the quick clamping mechanism of the riving knife or a stop mechanism that locks the shaft for easy removal of the blade. There is handy tool storage on the side of the base for the side ruler, angle, blade change wrench and material feeder, so you’ll always have them to hand.

The robust motor suspension provides stability during work and guarantees a perfect cut. The replacement zero clearance throat plate in the cast iron table is suitable for all cutting angles, from 0° to 45°. This plate is easily removable by means of an eccentric lock and is equipped with adjustable screws for precise alignment with the table plane.

Comes partially assembled in a transport crate. Assembly time is approximately 1 hour.

• Type: Fusion 1
• Rating: Craftsman
• Power Input (230V) E-type plug: 1450 W
Recommended circuit breaker: 13A
• Blade Dia x Bore: 250 x 30 mm
• Speed: 3800 rpm
• Blade Tilt: 0–45°
• Max. Depth of Cut at 45°: 50 mm
• Max. Depth of Cut at 90°: 79 mm
• Rip Capacity: 769 mm
• Dust Extraction Outlet: 100 mm
• Table Size: 508 mm x 792 mm
• T-Slot Dimensions W x H: 24,3 mm (19 mm), x 4,2 (10,7)
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 1550 mm x 1405 mm x 1100 mm
• Weight: 110 kg
• Package Dimensions:
– Cardboard box on its own pallet 1330 mm x 700 mm x 790 mm
• Shipping Weight: 120 kg

Supplied with:
• Rip Fence
• Mitre Fence
• Feeder for Small parts
• Upper Dust Cover
• Rear Table Extension
• Universal Carbide Blade (Dia x Bore 250/30 mm, Z40)
• Hose

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Vikt 120 kg
Dimensioner 790 × 1330 × 700 cm