IGM STO-P100 Cyclon

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IGM STO-P100 Cyclon
1509 kr Inkl. Moms
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• More efficient extraction.
• Extendeds life of hoses and dust collector.
• Optimal airflow.

Maximize the efficiency of your dust collection system with IGM Dust Separator 100 mm. The Separator cleans the flowing air by deflecting rough dust, chips and large debris down into a bin, reducing damage to your dust collection system. It extends the life of hoses, filters and impellers by letting only fine dust pass through. The blue bullet separator and blades design have only a minor effect on pressure drop, maintaining optimal air flow. The Dust Separator can be attached to a lid of a dust bin of almost any size. Drilling template for lid is included. For best performance, use only with carpentry wood with max 8 % moisture and select cutterhead and cutting speed to produce 50 mm or smaller chips.

Function description
When the dust collector is switched on, a vacuum is created in the waste container thanks to the ingenious design of the separator. Then most of the waste material (dust, chips, shavings) is discharged into the waste container, not into the dust collector. You can choose the size of the waste container yourself. So you do not have to empty the contents of the waste container, which is part of the dust collector, every time.

Supplied with:
• Wire Hose Clamps 2pcs
• Drilling template for dust bin lid

Ytterligare information

Vikt 2,4 kg
Dimensioner 245 × 425 × 305 cm